The beginning

Hello, you're probably wondering how we came up with the idea of holding our own convention. The core of the team consists of friends who share the passion for Japan and its culture and who often celebrate it with themed weekends.

Since Carina works at a castle, after attending a few conventions we had the idea that it would be the ideal setting for a convention. We are familiar with some mangas and animes that are set in the Middle Ages and thought a goblin slayer, state alchemist or dragon slayer would fit well in castle Oberkapfenberg.

The mission

So we got down to work. Held meetings snacking sushi and hearing anime themes. We organized artists, speakers and dealers, looked for sponsors and made a homepage.

Now there is only one thing missing for a great event and that is you. No matter how much time and sweat you put into something, without the right people it won't work, so please help us to make this event unique.




Carina Gruber

aka Ajumie

Event Koordinatorin

Michéle Sommerauer

aka Mishka

Design and decoration

aka LinaLee

Claudia Thonhofer

Design and decoration

Martin Pucher

aka PuMa



Antonia Braschel

aka Bowsie


Dot Paint Splatter

Get Contact

Shiro Matsuri

August 21-22, 2021

Burg Oberkapfenberg

Schlossberg 1
A-8605 Kapfenberg

Tel.: +43 3862 27309

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We are seeing forward to welcome you on our event!

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